Never Educate Your Customers

I remember that we were in a coffee shop our first year growing. We had set up with the coffee shop that we would provide a weekly floral arrangement in exchange for exposure (and free coffee!)

While we were bringing in our new arrangement, a woman with a laptop in hand took a look at the flowers.

“Did you make that?”

I turned and looked at her. “Yes, we did.”

“I always thought I would be a good floral designer. Like, it can’t be that hard, right?”

I was blinking hard. Had she really just aid that?”

“I mean, I’ve made arrangements before and it seems really easy.”

I opened my mouth to launch off into a diatribe of how floral design is most certainly not easy, and that we weren’t just your basic floral designers, we were also flower farmers - but I caught myself.

I knew immediately that would have been a losing battle.

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The Art of the Long Term Sale

Just as we cultivate the soil for the long term, so should you cultivate your customers. They may not bear fruit this year or the next, but they will eventually.

If you ask any entrepreneur or start-up company, the first couple years are rough. Financially, workload, but also in terms of clients and customers. This is because you’re new - and in a way, you kind of have to prove yourself. You have to prove that your business is legit, that you’ll be here long term, that your flowers aren’t a ripoff and that you are a long term partner for your customers that they can rely on to produce a good product.

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Find you Tribe. Love Them Hard. Market to Them Even Harder.

Humans are social animals. A long time ago, we lived in groups - or tribes - small packs of up to fifty individuals that looked after each other and looked after the group as a whole. Your survival depended upon being helpful and staying part of the group - being ostracized from the group for any reason meant probably, if not certain death. There’s a reason why conformity and cooperation run so deep within us - it’s meant to be in place for our survival.

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Try this Tactic from Target to Capture Your Customer's Attention

Have you ever gone to Target?

Silly question, of course you have.

And have you ever left Target with stuff that you didn’t plan on purchasing? And we’re not talking about normal items like soap or milk or plastic bags either  - I’m talking about all the cute and funky stuff that suddenly finds its way into your cart and you have absolutely no idea who put it there.

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Now is the best time to take notes

As I was walking out to check on the flowers today, I came across a photo in my phone of our flowers in May.

I distinctly remembered just how much I was chomping at the bit - waiting for things to finally start flowering, to get to our first harvest of flowers. And it always seems like it was a million years ago.

As humans, we’re not very good as far as memory, especially when it comes to seasonal change. Every year, we seem to be cautiously optimistic, forgetting the heat and humidity and weeds and pests that plague us in the middle of summer.

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Basil is one of the summer workhorses in our operation. No other foliage we’ve tried has been so easy, so spectacular and so versatile. It goes great mixed with pretty much anything, holds up for a week in the vase, has that vertical form that is so hard to find, and of course the wonderful scent that is both exotic and yet comforting at the same time.

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How to Grow Bachelor Buttons (Centaurea cyanus)

The first flower that I ever grew from seed were bachelor buttons.

It was the first spring at the house I was renting, and had received permission to start a small garden there. I had done some research as far as easy seeds to start, and had purchased a packet of bachelor buttons.

It seemed strange that the weird little grey seeds with their little hair-like tufts at the end would ever become really anything, but I planted them into a little bit of potting mix and waited for spring to come.

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So You Want to be a Flower Farmer...

I've noticed something recently. Something terribly exciting. 

I am seeing new faces pop up on Facebook groups, in the ASCFG quarterly, and on Instagram. Buckets of flowers and diagrams of rows of flowers, hopes and wishes and dreams expressed, and I get so excited for them!

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    An Introduction from Steven

    Hi, I'm Steven, and I just wanted to thank you for being present with our new rebrand of Table and Vase! We wanted the business to be more all-encompassing of our interests. To understand how this all goes together, let me tell you about my first garden.

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