One sunny and hot summer in New Mexico, we planted a few dahlias.

This wasn’t the first time Steven and I had grown dahlias. Steven studied public horticulture, going on to become a senior gardener at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha Nebraska, where he was in charge of the Victorian Garden, the Peony garden and the English Perennial Border, as well as being the head gardener of restoration of the historical Crookhouse garden.



I, on the other hand, was an avid amateur gardener, and had fallen in love with dahlias the first year I had purchased those little brown tubers in their plastic bag, loving their form and color and shape.

I knew on our first date that I was going to marry him when we started talking in botanical names. The Latin terms flew off our tongues like some sort of horticultural duet - Panicum, Echinacea, Miscanthus, Eupatorium, Gypsophila. I immediately fell in love.



We were engaged in a few months, married a few months after that, and moved to the sunny Southwest after that. And since we are both gardeners at heart, we naturally planted a garden, starting with dahlias.

Now, dahlias are kind of sad looking little things when you buy them. Really looking more like potatoes than anything interesting.

Yet we knew that deep within those unassuming brown lumps was a plant ready to spring forth, bearing large fluffy blooms that would immediately enchant anyone who saw them.

We planted those dahlias the first year, and after careful watering, staking and babying through the heat of the summer, they bloomed and bloomed and bloomed, allowing us to fill vases around the house with their beautiful fluffy heads.


We were addicted. What started as a few dahlias took on a life of its own the next year, expanding into hundreds of dahlias and large cutting beds full of colorful flowers all nestled into a beautiful garden, tucked away in our little desert oasis. We made beauty, works of art, seemingly designed by Mother Nature herself, full of texture and form and color unlike we had ever experienced before.

Just as one might never guess that those little unassuming brown dahlia tubers would ever amount to anything, we never guessed that what we had considered a hobby would end up becoming more - a business, a passion, a lifestyle.

floral order.JPG


Now, we wish to bring this same joy to other people. We want to share our love and passion for gardening with other people, to help them express themselves in the form of growing and planting, to be able to enjoy life through the seasons of a changing garden. We wanted to share our flowers, exquisite and heartachingly beautiful, to bring the same beauty we experienced into other people’s lives.

We created Table and Vase as a way to share our love and passion for gardening and flowers with the world. We hope that we can inspire you to add beauty to your life, to grow, and to live a beautiful life through flowers and gardening.