So You Want to be a Flower Farmer...

I've noticed something recently. Something terribly exciting. 

I am seeing new faces pop up on Facebook groups, in the ASCFG quarterly, and on Instagram. Buckets of flowers and diagrams of rows of flowers, hopes and wishes and dreams expressed, and I get so excited for them!

I remember around this time three years ago that we decided that we were going to become flower growers. It was a terrible feeling, yet so exciting and wonderful at the same time. That first year we had a lot of success, but so so much of it was due to luck. We made so many mistakes that first year, and even more that second year. 

I wish there had been more resources out there as far as our first year. Which is why I've decided to write a guide to starting off with flower farming that I wish had been present when we were starting out. 

It will cover the usual things. What to grow, how to grow it, how to setup your rows and so on. But more importantly, it will cover things that we don't always talk about. Like how exactly are you going to make this profitable. Or if you will able to handle flower farming. Or why exactly you are choosing to start flower growing. 

Stay tuned as this all comes together. I'll be releasing the introductory part here in a little bit. I just hope that it helps all you newbies to make less mistakes and have more insight and direction as far as starting your operation.