An Introduction from Steven

Hi, I'm Steven, and I just wanted to thank you for being present with our new rebrand of Table and Vase! We wanted the business to be more all-encompassing of our interests. To understand how this all goes together, let me tell you about my first garden.

 My first garden was an absolute mess to be honest! Zucchini, cucumbers, three types of pumpkins, scarlet runner beans, morning glory vines and three very sad tomato plants were all shoved into a raised bed in my parents' front yard. 

But it was from that garden that my love of growing and plants first started. I went to school for horticulture, learning about xylem and phloem and tissue culture and greenhouse propagation. I learned how to identify trees, how to propagate tulips, and about breeding new species. I also loved every single moment of it.

After school, I accepted a position with the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens. I was soon in charge of their Victorian garden, their peony collection, and an English perennial border. I also took care of the historical Crookhouse gardens, as well as working part time for a floral designer, my friend and mentor Kyle Robino. 

And while my background in public horticulture and gardening is important, I am better known for my floral design at the moment!

My journey into floral design is not as direct - floral design started as a creative outlet from gardening and horticulture, but soon grew into a way of life for me. I studied floral design in school, then worked for several years doing floral design - both with talented designers, and then finally striking out on my own as a freelance designer

 Stay tuned for the next post, where Kee-ju tells a bit more of how he got into gardening!