October 21 - Master Class 3

October 21 - Master Class 3


The master classes are designed with the floral designer or flower enthusiasts in mind who want to master the art of arranging a beautiful design that looks like it came straight from the garden. 

There is no limit to the amount of master classes you can take - each master class will feature different vases, material and styles, so no two classes will be exactly alike. There are also no restrictions if also taking the garden workshop classes.

Students will create two arrangements: a compote and an upright container, and will receive professional photography of their arrangements. In addition, students will be "let loose" on the farm to cut and harvest their own flowers.

All materials including boutique floral material, containers and textiles will be provided.

All participants will have the opportunity for Steven to personally work with them to create breathtaking arrangements

Professional photography of the workshop as well as the arrangements will be provided at no additional charge. All students will receive copies of the images for their portfolio.

Refreshments are included, and the typical session lasts 4 hours.

If you are interested in traveling in for a master class, please contact us regarding travel accommodations.

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