The Art of Growing Flowers

Exclusive content for flower farmers and farmer florists

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Over the past couple years, Steven and I have worked hard at growing flowers.

Like, really hard.

Flower farming is hard work, and despite social media connections, sometimes it can feel like you're floundering.

We've been there.

We've done our research, searched forums and Facebook groups.

We also have had our share of failures, difficult learning experiences.

Part of what we wanted to do as more experienced growers is to be able to share our failures and successes and help you become a better grower.

That's what the Art of Growing Flowers is all about.

Every week, Steven and I will be sharing what we've learned over the years for what works regarding everything flower farming related.

We talk about everything from seed starting to marketing to wedding prep to floral design to social media to photography.

By joining us in the Art of Growing Flowers every month, you will learn the ins and outs of growing flowers that we've found valuable over the years.

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Check out how to join below!