Blush Crepe de Chine Silk Ribbon - 5 yards, 2" width

Blush Crepe de Chine Silk Ribbon - 5 yards, 2" width


This is our blush color, the lightest airiest shade of pink. Perfect for pairing with salmon and rose colored flowers, but also plays well with saturated oranges and pinks.

Length: 5 yards (180 inches)

Width: 2 inches

Thickness: 12 mm

Our ribbon is made of 100% silk crepe de chine, a luxurious silk with a pearly sheen, beautiful flow, and a natural eyelash fringe edge. Each ribbon is tied onto a handmade flat wooden spool for easy storage.

All of our ribbon is created completely by hand - torn, dyed, washed, dried, pressed, and packaged by the two of us (with love!) We use natural, plant-based dyes for all of our ribbons that gives a natural coloration that pairs well with natural materials like flowers or textiles.

We dye all our ribbon in small batches by hand, so each batch is of limited quantity. There may also be some ribbons that may be limited due to seasonal availability, so we advise you to buy your ribbon as soon as you can!

Given that we use natural products to dye our ribbons, there are some effects that can be seen. Known as “marbling”, these imperfections are the beautiful details that add to the intrigue of the ribbon - no two are alike! Likewise, there may be some variation in the color throughout the length of the ribbon as well.

Also given that our ribbons are hand-torn and finished, there may be some threading along the edges that may occur with use. Simply trim with a pair of sharp scissors, or pull carefully to remove extra threads.

*1 inch ribbon available upon request, quantity limited

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