Floral Design Workshops




I remember the first a flower arrangement took my breath away. 

I was working at Lauritzen Gardens at the time. Natasha Lisitsa of Waterlily Pond was the guest of honor, and she proceeded to make the most beautiful arrangement I had ever seen. It was full of gloriosa lilies and criss-crossed stems, and was the closest to heaven I had ever visually experienced. It made me want to laugh, cry, to touch it, to take it home and put it in my apartment where I would spend every waking moment basking in its gloriousness.

I vowed one day to be able to learn how to create something like that. Something that would bring awe and wonder, that would move people. 

Fast forward to today, through hard training and education and experience, I have achieved that dream of being able to create beauty, that makes people's faces light up, makes them cry with joy, and brings them happiness. 

Feeling the smooth leaf sliding through your fingers, hearing the crisp snap of a stem as it is cut to length, smelling the scent of greenery and flowers, having an appreciation for the flowers in bloom this time of year, feeling a sense of calm and mindfulness as you create the arrangement - that is what I love. And I suspect you do too. 


This feeling of creation, of working in and with nature, of creating the wild and unusual, the dried seedpods and twisted branches, the weedy and the flamboyant, these are all elements that make our hearts beat a bit faster and stir emotions deep within us. There's nothing else quite like it. 


That's why I am offering you the chance to come and arrange with me. With flowers cut straight from the farm, we will together dive into nature, the good the bad and the ugly, and create art together. 


Whether you're a beginner or have some experience arranging flowers, these workshops are a lot of fun! These workshops are designed to focus on seasonal flowers to create elegant garden-fresh arrangements. 


The master classes are designed with the floral designer or flower enthusiast in mind who want to master the art of arranging. These classes are an all-day affair, including cutting flowers from the field, demonstration, and personalized instruction of multiple arrangements


Private lessons are for individuals looking to really have the ultimate experience in floral arranging. Students will work one-on-one with Steven on the subject of their choice. Both short lessons and long lessons are available.